AvatarMod 2

A multiplayer, combat-oriented mod for Minecraft created by CrowsOfWar.
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An exciting new mod

AvatarMod2 is a free, open-sourced mod for Minecraft created by CrowsOfWar, and maintained by FavouriteDragon and Mahtaran, which adds elemental bending from the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender  (not the movie). The mod is also now part of PK, and is the organisation's official mod. Players are able to "bend" the elements of Minecraft and manipulate their environment to defeat enemies.

The mod supports four main types of bending styles, known as Airbending, Waterbending, Firebending, and Earthbending. The mod also contains Sandbending, Combustionbending, Lightningbending, and Icebending. More sub elements such as Metalbending, Lavabending, Healing, Bloodbending, and Spiritual Projection are planned! Each bending technique has its own strengths and strategies, requiring benders to think outside the box and utilizie their element for the best effect. Each element will contain at least 16 abilities, and the main 4 elements have around 6-7, which each serve different roles in a bender's toolbox. Sub-elements have around 2-3, currently. In addition, there are non-combat aspects to bending which will improve players' proficiency as they take on peaceful tasks in Minecraft.

PvP is a large part of the vision of this mod. Multiplayer will allow players to participate in combat and other interactions not normally present in singleplayer. This mod will introduce new strategy and challenge to existing PvP scenarios.

This mod is currently in Alpha, but development is chugging along quite nicely and features are frequently added. Weekly updates are posted on Minecraft Forums.

Quick Radial-Menu Ability System

AV2 brings a new system of ability activation to the table. Forget silly items or obscure keybindings for every ability: Manage up to 32 abilities with lightning-fast access via AV2's innovative Radial Menu system. Getting started...

Fast-paced combat

With a diverse set of Abilities, combat in AV2 goes beyond the vanilla spam-clicking panic mechanic. Deal damage from afar with Thrown Blocks, evade your enemies with Airbending, or fight close-combat melees with Firebending. View all...

Complex Levelling System

AV2 possesses an interesting "ability leveling" system designed to weave strategy and choice into the mod's design. Players use their abilities to an experience cap, then use a scroll to upgrade it to the next level. Additionally, Skill Trees and a leveling system for elements, not just abilities, will be introduced within the next 3-5 updates.Full plans...

Highly Configurable

Customize AV2 to your needs. Need to prevent players from modifying strongholds? Just remove stone blocks from the earthbending list. Want to tweak XP curves to allow fast progression? Simply adjust the formulas. With the easy-to-use YAML format, AV2 is quick and simple to configure. Full documentation...

Available now for Minecraft 1.12.2

Alpha release a5.9 is available for download now. Only MC 1.12.x on PC is supported. Forge is required.

Installation instructions: install Forge and place the downloaded avatar mod JAR into your mods folder.